Bitly v1.00.0 pys60 app for Symbian S60 by gauravssnl based on bitly_python API

Bitly v1.00.0 pys60 app by gauravssnl based on bitly python API

Geneate short URL of any long URL easily and exapand URL to get original link. URLs are used for sharing links on social networking sites and on blogs to make long URLs shorter.

Download link : Bitly app v1.00.0 by

Screenshot :



Features :

-Generate link

-Expand link

Steps :

1. Register an account on by visiting this link :

2.After that ,you need to get your bitly Access Token of your account

3.Now open Bitly app , and enter your Access Token in Settings from menu.

4.Now,click on Connect .If your Access Token is correct, you will be successfully logged in and your users details will be displayed. If this does not occur, check your Access Token and try again.

5.Now,you can generate short URLs and expand URLS to get original links

Thanks : Jehiah Czebotar (bitly_ api author)

Thanks everyone.


Py Pastebin v1.00.2 PyS60 App for Symbian S60 by gauravssnl

Py Pastebin v1.00.02 pys60 2.0 app by gauravssnl for Symbian S60 OS

DownloadPy Pastebin v1.00.2 by

This app is for creating new pastes directly from files on

There is no need to open pastebin website and copy & paste your codes.
Pastebin is very famous code sharing website.
I hope this app will be useful for symbian s60 users.

Screenshots :

How to use :
1.You must have an account on
If you do not have an account,you can create a new account .
2.Log /Sign into your account
3.Get your own unique API key by visiting this URL :

4.Now open app Py Pastebin and click on Login Settings.Fill your API Key,username ,passwords.


5.Click on ‘Login’ and wait for successful login.If you are not able to login after several tries ,that means your API key is invalid.Verify your API key.
6.After successful login,you can select a file for creating paste.If paste is succesffully created,that paste URL will be shown.

Thanks everyone.

Python Script to check working free site bug for free Internet

Hello,everyone.Now,I would like to share a script which can be used to check whether your free sites of your simcard are working as bug for free internet. Your free sites depends upon your network. For example, may be freely accessible on your network.Then,you can use that free site as bug for free internet.

Note: To use this script, Python should be already installed on your phone.To know how to install python on Android,check my posts on my blog.



1.Download the script and edit the script as shown here(see screenshot).Use your network provider proxy & port.Squid proxies may also be used if you can connect to it.I use Squid proxy as my Simcard provider has no proxy.

2.Now, replace value of bug with your free sites which you can access free of cost.I use  as it is bug on my use your free site as bug as shown in screenshot.You can also methods of bug also.

3.Save the script file.Open Terminal application and run script. If you get Response 200 OK  as seen in my screenshot, then it means that free homepage bug is working for your simcard.

That’s all.Happy free internet phreaking.

Thanks to my family, friends & Facebook group where I learn.

Simple Server v1.02.72 appuifw2 Revised Mod PyS60 Application by gauravssnl with Background Theme Skin support

Good morning,everyone.Today,I would like to share Simple Server appuifw2 module Revised Mod by gauravssnl.This application supports background theme skin colour.This application has been modified by me.InunxLABS created it.

Download link: SimpleServer v1.02.72 mod Revised by

Thanks: InunxLABS (original developer)

Modifier: gauravssnl

Follow instructions given in instructions. txt file for installlation details(screenshot given at last).

Log Screenshot:

About Screenshot:

Viewer Screenshot:

I hope Symbian S60 users will like this mod app of Simple Server.Thanks everyone.If you get any error,please post in comments.Share with your friends.

Thanks to my family,friends & Facebook groups where i learn.


IP Viewer PyS60 Applicaton v1.1 by gauravssnl

This Symbian S60 application can be used to view all different IP of your network provider/Sim Card.It is my first application.IP Logs are automatically saved to C://IPViewer.text file.I hope you will like my application.Try this 

Download link: IP Viewer v1.1 by gauravssnl.sis

Developer: gauravssnl

OS: Symbian S60

Thanks to all my friends,family and facebook groups where I learn.


-Console/Logger Window fixed so that new IP are inserted at end irrespective of current cursor position

-Logs are automatically saved to log File 

Bugs: Unknown 


Hacking Nokia Symbian S60 v3/v5 Phone to remove Certificate Error issue

Hacking a Nokia Symbian S60 device to remove Certificate Error is an easy task.It is much easier than rooting an Android Phone.We do not require Computer for hacking a Symbian S60 device.So,let us get started.

Tools/Applications Required:                        

1.Xplore File Manager. Download Xplore

2.Mobile Security Antivirus. Download Mobile Security

3. file. Downlad

4.ROM Patcher . Download


1.Install Xplore File Manager.

2.Extract tmquarintine folder of tmquarintine to C: directory by using Xplore (see screenshot below)Screenshot0019

3.Install Trend Mobile Security antivirus .It will be installed to C Drive.There is no need of restarting device.If app asks for restarting device, click on No.Open Mobile Security

4.Go to Quarintine list and select all file and then click on Quarintine All.

5.Install ROM Patcher Lite version from file as it is already signed.

6.Open ROM Patcher application.Apply the patch “Install Server RP+” & the patch “Open4All RP+”.If Patch is succesfull applied, it will be shown with green tick(see screenshot below).Add  both the patches to Auto by clicking on Add to Auto from menu.If patch is shown with Read,it means that the patch was not applied.IMG_20160802_155819

7.Now,your Nokia Symbian S60 phone is successfully hacked.You can install unsigned applications,access C://Sys directory .

Happy Hacking.I hope this tutorial for them who are still using Symbian S60 phones.If you encounter any error or you have any questions, post your questions in comments.



IPro7 IDE with both PyS60 1.45 & PyS60 2.0 Scriptshell for Symbian S60

Ipro7 v3.20 PyS60(Python for S60) IDE can be used for executing scripts/codes based on PyS60 2.0 as well as based on PyS60 1.45.I find this IDE more stable than other IDEs such as PED,Kaapython as it has separate “Inspect” window  for testing/executing any script.It has also Compilation tools.(See Screenshots)

Author: Nilang


  • PyS60 1.45 Scriptshell
  • PyS60 2.00 Scriptshell
  • Separate Inspector window for scripts execution
  • Compilation tools- Compile & Decompile.
  • More stable than other PyS60 IDEs


1. IPro7v3.20EN.SISX (original)

If you encounter “Update Error” message ,download Iprov3.20 edited by me.

2. Ipro7v3.20ENEditedbyGaurav.SISX

Happy coding,everyone.Thanks for reading the post.

© gauravssnl GAURAVSINGH







CloseWhatsapp and Removing its Autostart feature

© gauravssnl

Whatsapp has been designed in such  a way that the app autostarts itself at boot and user can never really exit the app.But, this feature consumes RAM,makes phone slow, drains battery and will cost you money even if you are not subscribed to data plan.

Are you not fed up with Autostart & Autoboot features?Does it makes your phone slow and whatsapp  takes a toll on your balance(deducts balance) when you are not subscribed to any data plan?So follow the steps given below to stop this feature.






  1. Download & install both the apps.To forcefully stop Whatsapp,click on CloseWhatsapp  application.
  2. To disable Auto startup at boot feature of WhatsApp,Open Safemanager app.Click on “Other”,then click on “Autostart”.Then select WhatsApp to disable its Autostart feature.(See Screenshots)

Now,WhatsApp will not autostart at boot.Whenever you want to use Whatsapp,Open whatsApp & to close it using CloseWhatsapp application.Happy tweaking!

If you have any questions, post in comment.