How to use Python For Android in Terminal on all Android OS easily by using updated script

Hello,everyone.In this post,I am going to share how to use Python For Android in Terminal in the easiest way .This method will work on all Android OS versions .This method has been tested on all OS by me and works successfully.By using this method,you can also run  Python with your desired command name  .Let us proceed to the tutorial.

Tools Required: 

1. Python For Android.apk :  Download Here

2. file (fixed and updated) :  Download Here

3.Terminal.apk : Download Here

Working Screenshot:screenshot_2016-09-05-11-15-01.png



1.Download & Install Python For Android app.Open it and install it’s Python library by clicking on “Install ” Button.Internet is required for first time installation.After successful installation of Python library,your screen will be as shown in screenshot below:screenshot_2016-09-03-19-28-48.png

2.Now,copy downloaded script file to /system/bin folder.Now,change the permission of file to 777 in /system/bin folder.

3.Now ,open Terminal and you can easily run Python with the command as shown in Screenshot:


4.If everything is correct,you will see Python running successfully in Terminal.

5.You can also rename the file in /system/bin to any name you like & then you can use that name as command for running Python.I have renamed file to gaurav


6.Now,i can run Python in Terminal by using command:




7.In that way,you can run Python with your desired command name.

Thanks: Luiz

Happy Phreaking brothers.

Thanks everyone for reading my post.Thanks to my  friends and family.

Post your questions in Comments.


9 thoughts on “How to use Python For Android in Terminal on all Android OS easily by using updated script”

    1. I think that you have not read the post carefully.I have already explained about changing file permission of to 777 .You can use Xplore file manager even.There is no 7774 file permission.

    1. Just use Xplore File manager.Make a long press on that file and then you get option to change file permissions.or you can use Root Explorer app or ES File Manager for that

    1. python command depends upon the way you are running python and file name in /system/bin folder if you have copied it there.otherwise, use this command to run python file:
      $ sh
      You can also try python in Termux Android app @LaNa69

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