Using SSH Tunnel on Android Phones to Hide your real IP details and to Access Blocked Websites

Hello everyone.Today,I am going to share how to use SSH Tunnel on Android phones.SSH can be used for hiding your real IP address and for accessing Blocked Websites of your country(Bypassing Censorship).At first,I would like to tell what SSH is.SSH is an abbreviation of Secure Shell.On Wikipedia,SSH is described as:

Secure Shell (SSH ) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. [1] The best known example application is for remote login to computer systems by users.

Tools Required:

1. SSH Tunnel by Max Lv(Available on Google Play Store)


1.Download and Install SSH Tunnel developed by Max Lv from Google Play Store.

2.Now,vist sites like or or any other Websites which provides free SSH accounts.You can search those websites on Google also.

3.Select any server & Create free SSH Account for 7 days(preferably) or 3 days.You will have to create account again after 7 days/3days to use SSH depending upon your account validity.

4.You will get username,password and Host Address details from those websites like shown in screenshot.You need to use this details in SSH Tunnel application.

4.Open SSH Tunnel application and fill all your SSH Account details(username,password,Host which you got from that website in earlier step).Tick “Use Socks Proxy” so that SSH will work with all apps(see screenshot).

5.If you want to use “DNS Proxy”, tick that option.If your phone is rooted you can select “Global Proxy” to make all apps work with SSH.Leave other settings as it is in app .

6.Now,click on “Tunnel Switch” shown at top in the app.If everything is correct,you will get a pop-up message like this for first time:

7.Click on “Accept” Button and you will get SSH connection confirmation shown at top in Notification on your Android phone.

8.If you get notification of SSH Tunnel app as Connected ,it means your SSH connection is successful.To check whether SSH is working or not,check your IP addresses details in default browser Google Chrome from .

9.You will see that your real IP is hidden and you can access any Blocked Websites of your country.

Now,you know how to use SSH on Android phone for hiding IP and Bypassing Censorship.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.I hope you liked my post.If you have any questions,please post in Comments.



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