PyInjector v4 Python Injector Script with Payload Support For Free Internet

Hello,everyone.Today,I would like to share PyInjector Python Script which can used for Payload Injection for using free internet.Try tricks on those simcards which have free sites which opens at 0 Balance or with Social data  packs such as Facebook,Whatsapp pack available in many countries like Indonesia, Nigeria,etc.Python should be already installed.

Download Link: PyInjector

Working Screenshot:


1.Download and extract all files of PyInjector to any folder .Name folder as pyinjector .

2.Now,open cnfig.ini file and edit Proxy & Payload as shown in screenshot.Use your free site bug in payload .You need to use your simcard proxy or you can also try Squid proxy. Replace my free site bug with your free site bug in payload.Example: 

3.Save the cnfig.ini file.Go to Access Point Settings and set Proxy : & Port: 8080

4.Now, run the script .It will ask you to select a profile.Enter 1 to select First Profile as we edited Profile1 .It will ask you to select mode of Injection:1. Front Injection or 2. Back Injection .select any.If Front Injection do not work as bug,try Back Injection next time.(see screenshot)

5.Now,minimise Terminal & try to access internet in Operamini or in browser. If bug is working,you will get Response: 200 OK .Then,it shows taht  free Internet is working on that simcard.

Everything is done now.Enjoy free internet in this way.You can use your imagination and knowledge to make working payload.Try Both mode of Injection.Any one mode of Injection may work for your simcard.

Happy Free Internet phreaking.

Thanks to everyone. Thanks to Facebook groups where I learn.

Post your questions and reviews in comments.



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