Proxy Suggester Python Script to test Proxies are fast or slow

Hello,everyone.Many a times we need to use Proxies which we search on Google or on other websites. We do not know really whether those Proxies are working or not.We do not know which proxy is the fastest among them. We are so confused & it is very difficult to select a particular proxy. There is no readymade software to do that.

To overcome this ,Proxy Suggester Python script gives you fastest proxy among them .It tells us which is the fastest Proxy and you can use that proxy for connecting.I found it somewhere on Github.Thanks to its Author.

Download Link: Proxy 

Source: Github


1.Download the Proxy file & extract it to any directory/folder.

2.Open,config.txt file.It will be as shown in screenshot.Proxies are separated by : symbol.

3.Now,edit this config.txt with proxies which you want to test(along with username details if any).Usually,we use proxies without user details,so we will edit config txt file as shown in screenshot and leave username & password blank. I am going to test proxy with port 8080 .check screenshot.Save it.You can more proxies separated by : on each line.

4.Now,run the script script using python.If,everything is fine with config.txt file and proxy is working,you will get Response like this:

All things are done.In this way,you can test proxy is working or not.

Happy phreaking.

Thanks to everyone.



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