Xposed Installer Application For Android OS for tweaking with Android System

Now,I would like to share Xposed Installer application for Android.This application is used to Install Xposed Framework on Android Phone and manage Xposed Modules installed on your phones.On many phones,you may be required to flash Xposed Framework separately by using Custom Recovery such as TWRP recovery.There are many Xposed modules available to tweak your Android phone in many ways.Example: Gravitybox.

Thanks : XDA-Developers community & its Developers 

Download link: Xposed Installer.apk


1.Install Xposed Installer Application.Click on “Framework” as seen in screenshot

 2.Now,Click on Install/Update to install or update Xposed Framework.(see screenshot)

3.If you see that “Install/Update” button is not highlighted, then you need to flash Xposed Framework manually(see it on XDA for your phone)

4.Now,Go to “Download” section to download & install any Xposed Modules.There are many useful Xposed modules available uder that.Try them.

5.To activate or deactive any Xposed Module,Go to ” Modules” section of Xposed Installer application.A Reboot may be required after activation of any Xposed Module

Now,you can install several Xposed modules and mod the system the way you require or desire.

Happy Tweaking & Modding.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.Thanks to my Family and Friends.



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