Hacking Nokia Symbian S60 v3/v5 Phone to remove Certificate Error issue

Hacking a Nokia Symbian S60 device to remove Certificate Error is an easy task.It is much easier than rooting an Android Phone.We do not require Computer for hacking a Symbian S60 device.So,let us get started.

Tools/Applications Required:                        

1.Xplore File Manager. Download Xplore

2.Mobile Security Antivirus. Download Mobile Security

3. tmquarintine.zip file. Downlad tmquarintine.zip

4.ROM Patcher . Download ROMPatcher.zip


1.Install Xplore File Manager.

2.Extract tmquarintine folder of tmquarintine to C: directory by using Xplore (see screenshot below)Screenshot0019

3.Install Trend Mobile Security antivirus .It will be installed to C Drive.There is no need of restarting device.If app asks for restarting device, click on No.Open Mobile Security

4.Go to Quarintine list and select all file and then click on Quarintine All.

5.Install ROM Patcher Lite version from ROMPatcher.zip file as it is already signed.

6.Open ROM Patcher application.Apply the patch “Install Server RP+” & the patch “Open4All RP+”.If Patch is succesfull applied, it will be shown with green tick(see screenshot below).Add  both the patches to Auto by clicking on Add to Auto from menu.If patch is shown with Read,it means that the patch was not applied.IMG_20160802_155819

7.Now,your Nokia Symbian S60 phone is successfully hacked.You can install unsigned applications,access C://Sys directory .

Happy Hacking.I hope this tutorial for them who are still using Symbian S60 phones.If you encounter any error or you have any questions, post your questions in comments.




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