Hello,everyone.Now,I want to share tcpdump script for Andriod and how to use it.Before doing that,let me tell what tcpdump is.On Wikipedia,tcpdump is described as:

tcpdump is a common packet analyzer that runs under the command line. It allows the user to display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network to which the computer is attached. Distributed under the BSD license,tcpdump is free software.

tcpdump works on most Unix-like operating systems: Linux, Solaris, BSD, OS X, HP-UX, Android and AIX among others. In those systems, tcpdump uses the libpcap library to capture packets. The port of tcpdump for Windows is called WinDump; it usesWinPcap, the Windows port of libpcap.

tcpdump can be used for intercepting(capturing) the data packets sent by Android phone as it has Linux kernel.

DOWNLOAD :  tcpdump


1.Fist trick:

Download and move tcpdump script to /system/bin folder using file manager like Xplore File manager.Use Xplore or any Filemanager with “Superuser + Mount” mode for changing file permissions.Now,go to  /system/bin/tcpdump  file and change its permission to 777 as shown in screenshot.

Note: Your /system folder must have read & write permission.Screenshot_2016-08-24-22-51-34

Another trick:

Consider that tcpdump script which i downloaded is in /sdcard/download folder.Then you can type these commands in terminal to copy file tcpdump to /system/bin and for changing file permission of tcpdump to 777 (see screnshot).Type these in terminal carefully as shown in screenshot:Screenshot_2016-08-24-23-18-22


mount -o remount,rw  /system

cp /sdcard/download/tcpdump /system/bin

cd /system/bin

chmod 777 tcpdump

mount -o remount,ro /system

2.Now,you have succesfully placed tcpdump in /system/bin .To run tcpdump ,simply type this on Terminal as shown in screenshot:


You can clearly see tcpdump running and all data packets sent on Terminal screen.

If you want to save this log to a file l.cap for later analysis ,you can use this command in Terminal as shown in screenshot :

tcpdump -vv -s 0 -w /sdcard/l.cap 


The options used are explained as:

-vv : puts tcpdump into verbose mode

-s 0 : sets the program to grab all packets

-w : writes the output to a file

The output file l.cap generated will be as shown in screenshot.This file can be analyzed application using Wireshark.



Now,you successfully know how to use tcmpdump to intercept all data packets.

Happy phreaking brothers.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.Thanks to my friends and facebook groups where i learn.

If you have any questions,please post in comments.

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SInjector v2.3 Python Script with Payload support and how to use it with SSH Tunnel for Free Internet

Hello everyone.Now,I would like to share SInjector Python Script which supports SSH and VPN  with Payload feature(like HTTP Injector,eProxy,KPN Tunnel). SInjector Python Script can be used for free internet tricks with SSH or VPN Tunneling.Free Internet with Online privacy.I would like to thank it’s developer RedFox who developed this script.Many have been searching Python script which works similar to apps like  HTTP Injector ,eProxy ,KPN Tunnel  the search finally ends with SInjector .

I will share how to configure/set SInjector Python Script to use SSH & for free internet.

Developer: Red Fox

Tools Required: 

1.  SInjector

2.Terminal application : Terminal.apk

Note: Python should be already installed.To know about that,see my other posts.

Script Screenshot:


1.Download SInjector file and extract to si folder of internal sdcard (/sdcard/si).

2.Open payload.ini file and set Payload which works for free internet on your simcard as shown in screenshot and Save the file.Use your imagination to fill working payload.For my simcard , payload working for free internet is shown here in screenshot.(My simcard has free homepage which I can open at 0 balance and I use that in payload bug.You use your free homepage in payload and use your simcard Proxy in this file)

3.You should have a SSH account that we will use with SSH Tunnel application.To know how to do this, see my another post: Using SSH Tunnel on Android Phones to Hide your real IP details and to Access Blocked Websites

I created SSH account on as shown in screenshot.

4.Now,open SSH Tunnel application and fill your user details and SSH account Host correctly as shown in screenshot.You can tick/enable “SOCKS Proxy” if you want to use it for forwarding Request from all ports.If your phone is rooted you can also enable/tick “Global Proxy” to proxify all apps.

5.Do not change other remaining settings of SSH Tunnel application.Leave other settings as it is.Minimise or close this app.

6.Now,use your simcard  on which you want to use free internet.My simcard have 0(zero) balance which I will use for free internet.Now,I will connect internet using this sim .

7.Open Terminal application and change your directory to si folder where you have extracted those files in step 1.My si folder is located at /sdcard/si .So,i will type this on terminal to run the file.Type these commands carefully and correctly:


cd /sdcard/si 

8.Now run the script using python command.If everything is correct,SInjector script will be running on your Terminal.It will ask for payload file location(default payload file is payload.ini which we will use),so type n and press enter key.See screenshot.

9.Now,script will ask you “Do you want to disable debug?”, you can enter either y for YES or n for NO.It is your wish.See Screenshot

10.Now,script will ask “Auto Replace 200 OK”, enter y and press Enter key.The Script will show local port  on which the script is accepting connections(in my Screenshot it is listening on port  9000 ).Notice this port carefully as we will use this port in next step.

11.Now,open SSH Tunnel application again and Tick/Enable “Upstream Proxy ” and Put this  in “Proxy “: as SInjector script is listening on port 9000(shown in screenshot).you use your port on which SInjector script is listening.

12.Everything is finally done now.Now,Click on “Tunnel Switch ” in SSH Tunnel app and minimize it(send it to background).

13.Now,open the Terminal app which is already running.If everything is correct and your payload is working for free internet,you will get 200 Connection Established Response  from SSH server as shown in my screenshot.

All steps are completed successfully.Now,you can open any application and use free internet.Your real IP address is hidden as you are using SSH.You can also try to use this SInjector Python script directly and VPN also in the same way.

Happy Free Internet phreaking .

Thanks for reading this long post.I hope my post will be useful for them who are new to Free Internet tricks and who do not know how to use the  SInjector Python script with SSH .

Thanks to everyone and my friends.If you have any questions or you get any error ,please post in Comments.


Using SSH Tunnel on Android Phones to Hide your real IP details and to Access Blocked Websites

Hello everyone.Today,I am going to share how to use SSH Tunnel on Android phones.SSH can be used for hiding your real IP address and for accessing Blocked Websites of your country(Bypassing Censorship).At first,I would like to tell what SSH is.SSH is an abbreviation of Secure Shell.On Wikipedia,SSH is described as:

Secure Shell (SSH ) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. [1] The best known example application is for remote login to computer systems by users.

Tools Required:

1. SSH Tunnel by Max Lv(Available on Google Play Store)


1.Download and Install SSH Tunnel developed by Max Lv from Google Play Store.

2.Now,vist sites like or or any other Websites which provides free SSH accounts.You can search those websites on Google also.

3.Select any server & Create free SSH Account for 7 days(preferably) or 3 days.You will have to create account again after 7 days/3days to use SSH depending upon your account validity.

4.You will get username,password and Host Address details from those websites like shown in screenshot.You need to use this details in SSH Tunnel application.

4.Open SSH Tunnel application and fill all your SSH Account details(username,password,Host which you got from that website in earlier step).Tick “Use Socks Proxy” so that SSH will work with all apps(see screenshot).

5.If you want to use “DNS Proxy”, tick that option.If your phone is rooted you can select “Global Proxy” to make all apps work with SSH.Leave other settings as it is in app .

6.Now,click on “Tunnel Switch” shown at top in the app.If everything is correct,you will get a pop-up message like this for first time:

7.Click on “Accept” Button and you will get SSH connection confirmation shown at top in Notification on your Android phone.

8.If you get notification of SSH Tunnel app as Connected ,it means your SSH connection is successful.To check whether SSH is working or not,check your IP addresses details in default browser Google Chrome from .

9.You will see that your real IP is hidden and you can access any Blocked Websites of your country.

Now,you know how to use SSH on Android phone for hiding IP and Bypassing Censorship.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.I hope you liked my post.If you have any questions,please post in Comments.


Using OpenVPN on Android OS Full Tutorial

Today,I am going to share how to use OpenVPN on Android phone.I hope this tutorial will be helpful to many who are new to this.Before that I would like to tell you all about VPN & OpenVPN .As decribed on Wikipedia:

A virtual private network also known as a VPN is a private network that extends across a public network or internet . It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

OpenVPN is an open-source software application that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. It uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.

VPNs are mainly used for privacy and bypassing censorships.You can access blocked websites by using this.So,let us proceed.

Tools Required:

1. OpenVPN For Android (available on Google Play Store)


1.Download and Install OpenVPN For Android application.You can also use OpenVPNConnect but I prefer using OpenVPN For Android.
2.Go to and download certificate bundle file of any Server which you want  as shown in screenshot. Note Username & passwords also.It will be used for connecting OpenVPN later.

3.Extract downloaded file to any folder say vpn  config .Open OpenVPN app & export config files which you want to use by clicking on + icon at top and then click on “import”.

4.Select any .ovpn file from that folder which you want to use for connecting VPN.Save it.

5.Now ,click on Config which you imported to connect VPN.Allow VPN permission if asked for. It will ask for username & password. Fill username and password which we got from FreeVPN earlier. Tick “Show Password” to see password & “Save Password” to save password for later use as shown in screenshot.

6.If everything is fine ,you will get connected as shown in screenshot.              Connected: SUCCESS

7.You need to check latest username &passwords from .Passwords are updated everyday.

8.To ensure working of VPN,visit in default web browser Google Chrome.You should see IP address of VPN server(see screenshot).you will see Hostname: .It means VPN is successfully working.

9.Now,You can use OpenVPN on Android in this way & hide your real IP address to access blocked websites.

Happy Phreaking.Thanks for reading this post.

I hope my tutorial is useful and easy to understand. If you have any questions, please post in Comments.

Sharing is Caring.Thanks.


PyInjector v4 Python Injector Script with Payload Support For Free Internet

Hello,everyone.Today,I would like to share PyInjector Python Script which can used for Payload Injection for using free internet.Try tricks on those simcards which have free sites which opens at 0 Balance or with Social data  packs such as Facebook,Whatsapp pack available in many countries like Indonesia, Nigeria,etc.Python should be already installed.

Download Link: PyInjector

Working Screenshot:


1.Download and extract all files of PyInjector to any folder .Name folder as pyinjector .

2.Now,open cnfig.ini file and edit Proxy & Payload as shown in screenshot.Use your free site bug in payload .You need to use your simcard proxy or you can also try Squid proxy. Replace my free site bug with your free site bug in payload.Example: 

3.Save the cnfig.ini file.Go to Access Point Settings and set Proxy : & Port: 8080

4.Now, run the script .It will ask you to select a profile.Enter 1 to select First Profile as we edited Profile1 .It will ask you to select mode of Injection:1. Front Injection or 2. Back Injection .select any.If Front Injection do not work as bug,try Back Injection next time.(see screenshot)

5.Now,minimise Terminal & try to access internet in Operamini or in browser. If bug is working,you will get Response: 200 OK .Then,it shows taht  free Internet is working on that simcard.

Everything is done now.Enjoy free internet in this way.You can use your imagination and knowledge to make working payload.Try Both mode of Injection.Any one mode of Injection may work for your simcard.

Happy Free Internet phreaking.

Thanks to everyone. Thanks to Facebook groups where I learn.

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Proxy Suggester Python Script to test Proxies are fast or slow

Hello,everyone.Many a times we need to use Proxies which we search on Google or on other websites. We do not know really whether those Proxies are working or not.We do not know which proxy is the fastest among them. We are so confused & it is very difficult to select a particular proxy. There is no readymade software to do that.

To overcome this ,Proxy Suggester Python script gives you fastest proxy among them .It tells us which is the fastest Proxy and you can use that proxy for connecting.I found it somewhere on Github.Thanks to its Author.

Download Link: Proxy 

Source: Github


1.Download the Proxy file & extract it to any directory/folder.

2.Open,config.txt file.It will be as shown in screenshot.Proxies are separated by : symbol.

3.Now,edit this config.txt with proxies which you want to test(along with username details if any).Usually,we use proxies without user details,so we will edit config txt file as shown in screenshot and leave username & password blank. I am going to test proxy with port 8080 .check screenshot.Save it.You can more proxies separated by : on each line.

4.Now,run the script script using python.If,everything is fine with config.txt file and proxy is working,you will get Response like this:

All things are done.In this way,you can test proxy is working or not.

Happy phreaking.

Thanks to everyone.


Python Script to check working free site bug for free Internet

Hello,everyone.Now,I would like to share a script which can be used to check whether your free sites of your simcard are working as bug for free internet. Your free sites depends upon your network. For example, may be freely accessible on your network.Then,you can use that free site as bug for free internet.

Note: To use this script, Python should be already installed on your phone.To know how to install python on Android,check my posts on my blog.



1.Download the script and edit the script as shown here(see screenshot).Use your network provider proxy & port.Squid proxies may also be used if you can connect to it.I use Squid proxy as my Simcard provider has no proxy.

2.Now, replace value of bug with your free sites which you can access free of cost.I use  as it is bug on my use your free site as bug as shown in screenshot.You can also methods of bug also.

3.Save the script file.Open Terminal application and run script. If you get Response 200 OK  as seen in my screenshot, then it means that free homepage bug is working for your simcard.

That’s all.Happy free internet phreaking.

Thanks to my family, friends & Facebook group where I learn.

Busybox Installer for Android OS to use many UNIX commands

Busybox is a must-have application for rooted phones.It has to be installed if you want to use many UNIX commands.On Play Store ,Its description is: 

​BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed “The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux”.

Download link: Busybox v1.24.2 .apk


1.Download this app & install.Open the app and click on Install buttton.

2.After installation of Busybox,you can test it by executing busybox command in Terminal.If it is installed,you will see message as shown in screenshot.

3.Now,you can execute many UNIX commands on phone which are not supplied with Android OS.

That’s all.Thanks for reading post.Happy phreaking.Thanks to my family and my friends.


Xposed Installer Application For Android OS for tweaking with Android System

Now,I would like to share Xposed Installer application for Android.This application is used to Install Xposed Framework on Android Phone and manage Xposed Modules installed on your phones.On many phones,you may be required to flash Xposed Framework separately by using Custom Recovery such as TWRP recovery.There are many Xposed modules available to tweak your Android phone in many ways.Example: Gravitybox.

Thanks : XDA-Developers community & its Developers 

Download link: Xposed Installer.apk


1.Install Xposed Installer Application.Click on “Framework” as seen in screenshot

 2.Now,Click on Install/Update to install or update Xposed Framework.(see screenshot)

3.If you see that “Install/Update” button is not highlighted, then you need to flash Xposed Framework manually(see it on XDA for your phone)

4.Now,Go to “Download” section to download & install any Xposed Modules.There are many useful Xposed modules available uder that.Try them.

5.To activate or deactive any Xposed Module,Go to ” Modules” section of Xposed Installer application.A Reboot may be required after activation of any Xposed Module

Now,you can install several Xposed modules and mod the system the way you require or desire.

Happy Tweaking & Modding.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.Thanks to my Family and Friends.


Lucky Patcher Android Application and using it to get paid apps free  of cost by Patching and Blocking Ads on Android Phone

Good Night, everyone.Now,I am going to share an amazing app Lucky Patcher.Many users want to get/patch paid apps free of cost .Many are annoyed with ads shown in Android phone applications, browsers and want to block Ads.In all these cases,Lucky Patcher application can be used.Well,thanks to its creators.
Download link: Lucky Patcher v6.2.4 .apk

Now,I will tell you how to use this app.It is better if users have Xposed Installed on your Android(optional)

Patching Apps to make it pro or paid versions:

  • Open Lucky Patcher,allow Root Access Permission & Download Custom Patches from menu of the app.After Successful downloading of Custom Patces,restart Lucky Patcher.
  • Now,you can clearly see if any Custom Patch is available for applications installed.These apps can be successfully patched to get paid or pro app.
  • I am going to patch app X-plore app.You can try with any app.Click on app (Here,it is X-Plore) which you want to patch,a sub menu will appear like this:
  • Now,Click on “Open Menu of Patches” and then Click on “Custom Patch” & select any Custom Patch.                                            
  • After Selecting a Custom Patch, Click on Apply Button.        
  • If Patch is successful, you will get Success Result shown in Green .In case,Patch Fails,Results are shown in Red.(see screenshot) .                       
  • As  you can see that Patch is successfully applied & Xplore application is patched to Donate Version.
  • You can follow my steps on other app as I have done for X-Plore.You can also try Manual Patching   for any app also by using other options of Patches.

Blocking Add on Android Phones:

  • Click on Toolbox  shown at bottom of Lucky Patcher & then Click on Block Ads .A drop down menu will appear like this: 
  • Click on “Turn Off  Google Add Services” & also click on “Block Ads On Devices”.
  • Most of the Ads displayed in Android apps and browsers will be blocked now.

Happy Patching,Cracking & Blocking.

Thanks to my family,friends and Facebook groups where I learn. Thanks for reading this long post.

Thanks everyone.I hope you might have liked this post.Post your questions and Reviews in Comments.