IPro7 IDE with both PyS60 1.45 & PyS60 2.0 Scriptshell for Symbian S60

Ipro7 v3.20 PyS60(Python for S60) IDE can be used for executing scripts/codes based on PyS60 2.0 as well as based on PyS60 1.45.I find this IDE more stable than other IDEs such as PED,Kaapython as it has separate “Inspect” window  for testing/executing any script.It has also Compilation tools.(See Screenshots)

Author: Nilang


  • PyS60 1.45 Scriptshell
  • PyS60 2.00 Scriptshell
  • Separate Inspector window for scripts execution
  • Compilation tools- Compile & Decompile.
  • More stable than other PyS60 IDEs


1. IPro7v3.20EN.SISX (original)

If you encounter “Update Error” message ,download Iprov3.20 edited by me.

2. Ipro7v3.20ENEditedbyGaurav.SISX

Happy coding,everyone.Thanks for reading the post.

© gauravssnl GAURAVSINGH








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