This PED IDE is based on PyS60 2.0(Python 2.5.4) and has been developed by Vitaly & Ibnu Wahyudi.I  have been searching IDE based on PyS60 2.0  from long time so that i can write Python Scripts based on PyS60 2.0 instead of PyS60 1.45.Well,thanks to Ibnu Wahyudi who developed this and finally my search ended.So,download this IDE to write scripts based on PyS60 2.0(Python 2.5.4).It has also Text2 plugin(based on appuifw2 module).



Ibnu Wahyudi 

Download: Ped python2.5 – fix



12 thoughts on “PED IDE FOR PyS60 2.0”

      1. I am sorry for replying so late. I got the Symbian phone sdcard today. I tried to find appuifw2 source code, and I am sorry to inform you that source code is not there and the website from which I used to download pyd files & their source code is no longer working now. But,. I. do have source code of many other pyd files. I have uploaded them on Github just now . You can download many pyd files and their source code from this link:
        I will upload some of the remaining things later.

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